Best Acne Medication – Find Out Which One Is Suitable For You Today!

Acne is formed by a collection of sebum (oil) bacteria and trapped dead cells in the hair follicles (skin pores). Estheticians, skin specialists, provide what may be the best acne medications to this problem. The best acne medication actually depends on the condition of the acne but also consider its skin type. Since acne is a pure teenage predicament, the causes may eliminate by any of the following medications:

Benzoyl peroxide – It serves as an anti-bacterial agent that helps to introduce oxygen to the pores of the skin that has been clogged.

Salicylic Acid – It serves as an exfoliant agent that helps to peel off skin’s dead sells by means of reducing the substance that makes the skin stick together.

Retinols and Alphahydorxy Acids (AHAs) – Retinols (Vitamin A) and AHAs help the old skin to peel off and encourage the growth of the new skin.

Topical Retinoids – This are any variants medication either synthetic or natural occurring analogs of Vitamin A. It helps also to eliminate black heads and white heads.

Topical Antibiotics – These are substances that produced by or a semi-synthetic substance derived from a microorganism and able in dilute solution to kill the acne bacteria. Clindamycin. Azelaic Acid and Erythromycin are examples of acne antibiotics.

Birth Control Pills – These oral contraceptives also helps among women to reduce acne problem. It helps to inhibit or stop the level of the production of androgen.

Anti-androgens – This medication stop the production, activity or effects of a male sex hormone (androgen) on oil glands.

Isotretinoin (Accutune) – This medication is a synthetic Vitamin A derivative that inhibits sebaceous gland function that is being used in the treatment of acne. However, it is contraindicated in pregnancy because of implication as a cause of birth defects.

Photodynamic Therapy or PDT – This medication is use of light and chemical solution to eliminate the bacteria responsible for the painful lesions. One of the common PDT is the Blue Light Theraphy.

Tetracycline – It helps to prevent the spread and growth of bacteria.

Dermabrasion – This medication is a simple non-evasive surgical procedure that helps to remove skin blemishes or imperfections as acne scars by abrasions. It is either by rubbing or scraping of the surface layer of the cells.

Chemical Peel – This medication utilized with an acid mask. This mask is applied over the face which upon drying cause the skin to slough off and the new skin will be exposed. With this procedure, the skin blemishes will be removed.

Hormonal Therapy – This medication reverses and controls the excessive production of male sex hormone (androgen).

Chinese Herbs – With the use of the Chinese herbs as the best acne medication, it is indeed the natural way to make a good-looking and free-acne skin.

It is not necessary for a person to apply all the enumerated best medications. What important is, choose what medication that you are suit with. The best acne medication also relies on the type of skin a person have. Make yourself be pampered for the best medication to make your skin acne-free.

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