Best Natural Acne Treatment – Top 3 Natural Treatments For Acne

The best natural acne treatment has several natural ingredients that help treat acne and promote clear smooth skin. We will go over the best natural treatments to use to eliminate your acne without using expensive acne medications.

Three important vitamins to take in are Vitamin A, E and Zinc. All three help repair and promote healthy skin. You can get these vitamins from eating fresh fruits and vegetables or by taking individual capsules or a daily multi vitamin.

Aloe Vera is an effective natural treatment for acne. It can also be used for insect bites, sun burn, and acne scars. The gel inside the plant has enzymes which are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. You can use Aloe Vera lotion or gel or you can use the gel inside the Aloe Vera cactus. After washing your face, just apply the gel on your acne affected skin areas and allow it to dry.

Tea Tree Oil is another very effective all natural treatment for fighting acne. It is one of the most popular natural remedies for acne. It is from a tree in Australia and contains an acne bacteria fighting ingredient called Terpenes. It also has little to no side effects compared to other acne treatments making it considered by many as the best natural acne treatment. Tea Tree Oil can be found in topical cream form or you can mix 5 parts of oil with 95 parts water to make a safe concentrated solution.

To increase overall effectiveness it may be best to use vitamins, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil together to get the fastest results. Since they are safe and natural you don’t have to worry about side effects with these treatments.

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