Butt Acne – It's Real, And It's Awful!

Can there possibly be something worse than facial acne, back acne, or chest acne? Is there any of form of acne more embarrassing, inconvenient, and painful? Unfortunately, there is. And the name of this menace? Butt acne. That's right. Butt acne.

Anyone out there who's suffering through the ignoble pain and humiliation of butt acne as I have knows exactly how emotionally and physically painful it can be. After all, facial acne is somewhat normal, and almost expected, especially in teenagers. Even back and chest acne is relatively common. But butt acne? That's something else entirely.

When I suffer from butt acne, I lived in constant fear. What if someone found out? I'd be ostracized, treated like a freak. People would think I could not keep myself clean, that I did not wash my clothes. And forget about going to the beach in a bathing suit. There was no way I could deal with people staring and whispering behind my back.

Not to mention the discomfort it caused. Butt acne, because of where it flares up, is … Well, excuse the pun, but it's literally a pain in the butt. Since I was always sitting on my breakouts, my skin chafed almost constantly against my clothing. The zits on my butt would rub raw, the skin would dry up and crack, and sometimes even bleed.

I tried popping occasionally, but that was a recipe for disaster. All it got me was more pain and some unflattering scars. Thankfully, the scars have faded almost completely since I found a proper acne treatment, but knowing not to bother with popping in the first place would have saved me a lot of pain and aggravation.

Using the prescription topical creams that my dermatologist had recommended for my facial acne was also a big mistake. Of course, there were warnings all over the boxes and tubes that said they were only supposed to be used in treating acne flare-ups on the face, but I was so desperate to rid myself of my butt that I ignored them. I ended up with a nasty rash, more pain, and an absolutely awful breakout.

Finally, after I had all but given up on getting rid of my discomfort affliction, I came across a non-prescription acne treatment that was specifically designed for body breakouts rather than facial acne. I took a chance, ordered, and it paid off and then some.

In what seemed like no time at all, my butt acne began to clear up. There was no more pain when I sat down, no more worrying about someone unwinding my secret. I could even proudly wear a bathing suit in public again! I still can not believe how well the treatment worked, and how huge a boost in self-confidence I've experienced since the acne disappeared.

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