Common Causes of Acne

Acne is one skin disease that several scientists the world over are really getting concerned (and confused?) About. It had been around for so long now and it is believed that it will be around for sometimes more; probably until the scientist can endeavor to put their jerky heads together and bringing out something in the way of permanent solution to the growing acne problem that we have all around us. Before we can ever say anything about getting rid of acne, we will need to do a lot of service to how people even come about having acne; especially those in their teen ages and the younger age group generally. It is not until that had been settled that we can come around to talking about how to get rid of acne.

It had been discovered that the common causes of acne could not be pinned down on one particular culprit. This means that there are actually several factors that can be responsible for acne. This is why some people will conclude that the cause of acne is multi-factorial (big grammar?). It is like the situation above is one of the responsible factors for the measure of confusion that had been noticed d in the way acne treatments had been handled by health professionals.

None of the common causes of acne should ever be linked to the type of diet that people take. There is no particular form of diet that has any effect on acne. Scientists have tried to link acne to food intake but they have not been able to establish any kind of link between the two. This is to tell us that we can continue to take any kind of food we like and never get bothered about the food being a cause of acne.

One of the common causes of acne had been linked to heredity. It had been discovered that acne can be caused in girls when they begin their menstrual cycle. This means that any girl who is just starting out with her menstrual cycle will end up having an attack of acne.

There are some forms of drugs that have been implicated as being one of the common causes of acne. The intake of any of these drugs will also lead to the occurrence of acne in an individual. Some of the drugs we are talking about include; corticosteroid, androgens, corticotrophin, bromides, iodine, lithium, phenytoin, bromides, trimethadione and even halothane. It can then be said that anyone who wants to deal with this acne problem will have to put an end to the intake of any of these drugs.

If one is exposed to tars, diesels and heavy oil, the person may also be predisposed to suffering from acne. There are also some cosmetics that can lead to the occurrence of acne. If you rub your skin through your clothing, you may end up developing acne also. Even emotive problems had been implicated as one of the common causes of acne on the skin of certain affected persons.

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