Does Toothpaste Help Acne? The Answer Will Surprise You

So does toothpaste help with acne? This is one of the most popular home remedies there is, and many people love using it because it helps them save money.

But does it actually work?

It can – but that depends on your skin type. For some it does more harm than good.

Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL if you have sensitive skin

If so than you definitely should not leave it on for more than 30 minutes.


Because toothpaste tends to "dehydrate" your pimples … but in the process it really dries your skin as well.
The bottom line-there are MUCH better remedies out there

This method is more "hit or miss". In fact, there are plenty of people who state that using this remedy just flairs it up even more-which is often the case with harsher treatments.

Stick with NATURAL solutions

What ones are the best? Aloe Vera Oil and Tea Tree Oil are 2 of the best natural ways to clear your skin. True – they relatively expensive – but they do not have the same side effects as toothpaste.

But NONE of them are permanent solutions

All of the above have one thing in common-they will not KEEP your acne away. They are basically just a band-aid until the real problem gets solved.

What's the REAL problem?

What's going on UNDERNEHAT the skin. This is something most people ignore-but it's incredibly important.

If you are not getting sufficient nutrition – and it's not being transported properly through your system – clogged pores are the result.

"Unclogging" your pores is the KEY to clearing your skin

There's no way you can "unclog" your pores from your skin surface-the only technique that works is changing your diet and workout habits.

The verdict

So does toothpaste help acne? Yes and no-but there are MUCH BETTER short term and long term strategies.

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