Four Powerful Acne Cures

Many people in the world suffer from acne to one degree or another. Some are affected severely and others get away with a spec here and there. But why is it that with all of the different face washes and masks on the market, so many people still suffer from acne? The reason is simple. People try to treat the superficial signs of acne without addressing its underlying cause.

This article is going to reveal three powerful methods that if employed will clear up even the worst acne out there. Everyone knows that face washing is very important, but alone is often not enough. If you truly want to cure your acne, continue washing your face with a quality facial cleanser but also use the tactics described in this article. Here is what to do:

1. Detox the body, especially the colon. Many cases of severe acne are the direct result of excessive toxins built up within the colon. These toxins leach into the whole body, bringing about acne and disease. Your first order of business should be to completely cleanse and purify your colon. This action will help remove toxins from the entire body and stop the cycle of toxin-based acne.

The best way to cleanse the colon is to go on a juice fast and do an enema each day of the fast. This quickly removes huge amounts of toxins from your body and allows your skin to start the recovery process. This is a powerful way to deal with skin problems, as well as full on disease. Removing toxins is critical for good-looking, clear skin. Many enema recipes are available online.

2. Clay masks. High quality clay applied as a mask will pull toxins from deep within the pores of the skin. This will do much to combat the formation of new acne and will help to dry old acne much quicker. Be sure to buy quality clay and mix it with water into a creamy paste. Rub a large amount of the paste onto your face or other affected areas. The thicker the layer of clay the better. Let this sit on your face until it is completely dry. Rinse your face well.

3. Omega oils. Omega oils, especially omega-3s have great acne fighting power. Here is how it works. Omega oils regulate the amount of androgen hormones in your system. This minimizes the effects of excessive amounts of pore clogging sebum. Omega oils work wonders for other skin conditions, as well as acne. My favorite way to get omega fats is by eating ground flax seeds. Two tablespoons of fresh ground flax a day will really help with acne. If grinding seeds is too much for you try taking flax oil.

4. Drink more pure water. The amount of water you drink each day is a huge factor in curing acne and overall health. Water literally flushes toxins and other harmful substances out of your whole body. This deeply cleanses and purifies your skin. Acne cannot thrive in skin that is regularly flushed with fresh water and kept clean. No other acne treatments will work properly without plenty of water intake. This is step is vital if you truly wish to cure yourself of acne.

The above remedies treat the root of all acne causes. This is the only way to get the results you truly desire. Begin all four of the above remedies and stick to it religiously for two weeks. You will then see the amazing transformation that is possible by going after the root cause of acne.

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