Head Acne

Most people are used to getting acne on their faces, but when you get head acne in other areas it can be painful and difficult to deal with. There is nothing worse than running across a pimple on your head that you forget about, when you are brushing your hair in the morning. While head acne is often concealed by the hair, this also makes it pretty hard to treat. There are many factors to consider when trying to get rid of this form of acne.

In most cases acne is not caused by poor hygiene. However, with head acne there is usually something causing the problem in addition to the overactive hormones that usually are the issue. This is not to say that you have done anything wrong, or are a dirty person, if you have this form. It just means that you need to avoid using certain products, and take extra good care of that area.

The majority of head acne cases will be found along the hairline, usually on the back of the head. Many people have extremely oily hair, which can cause some acne problems when it comes into contact with areas of your skin other than your scalp. Hair gels and other products can also be the culprit when you find that you have a patch of acne along your hairline.

If I noticed that I had any acne on my head the first step I would take would be to discontinue the use of all hair care products that I was currently using. I would then switch over to a dandruff shampoo, such as head and shoulders. These shampoos often contain some ingredients that actually help get rid of head acne.

You will also want to up the frequency of washing your hair. If you only wash your hair every few days, try washing it every day. If you do it every day try adding in a second time a few days a week. If you are able to keep the oil in your hair to a minimum, you just might notice the head acne clearing up in a few weeks.

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