Helping Your Daughter Deal With Her Teenage Acne

Approximately 85% of the teenage girls in the world are going to battle acne. Girls in particular are unacceptable to the detrimental toll it takes on their self esteem.

The Causes of Teenage Acne in Girls

There are several reasons why so many girls suffer from teenage acne. Dermatologists feel that the main causes of it in girls include a compromised immune system, hormonal imbalances, allergic reactions, and nutritional imbalances.

Most teenage girls will notice that their acne gets considered worse during their menstrual cycle. Dermatologists feel that this occurrence has to do with the fact that just before their menstrual cycle is when their hormones are at their peak. All of those hormones trigger an outbreak of acne.

Adjust Her Diet

If your daughter is struggling with acne you should probably take a hard look at her diet. In this day and age many teenagers do not eat as healthy as they should. Try to adjust your daughters' diet so that she is eating fewer saturated fats and more raw fruits and vegetables.


One of the problems that girls have when it comes to dealing with the situation is that when they have an outbreak they automatically cover the area with makeup. While the makeup does help cover the acne, it actually exasperates the problem. The makeup clogs the pores, creating even more zits.

If your teenage daughter is wearing makeup to mask her acne you should encourage her to not purchase tightly packed powders.

You should also show your daughter how to clean all of her makeup applicators when she has finished applying her makeup. When makeup brushes are not properly cleaned, the bacteria that is still on them will be transferred to your daughters face, making her acne even worse.

You should also make sure that your daughter removes her makeup as soon as she is able. Since there is no reason for her to wear a face full of makeup when she is just sitting around the house on a Sunday afternoon.

Herbal Treatments

Many parents have noticed that when their daughter started to use an herbal treatment that her complexion became clear. One of the reasons the herbal remedies have been such an effective when it comes to treating girls with teenage acne is because girls seem to be more susceptible to the side effects of the synthetic medications that are frequently used to treat acne.

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