Herbal Acne Treatment Is The Natural Remedy For Your Acne

The number of people choosing herbal acne treatment over traditional medications is growing in numbers everyday. There are many acne treatment products in the market these days but only a few of them fulfill the promise that they have made to their consumer and this is a prime reason behind people switching to natural herbal acne medication.

Neverheless, what goes in favor of herbs is the fact that being natural, they have far fewer side effects and are far less risky than the prescription drugs. You too can opt for herbal acne cures instead of impairing your skin with harsh chemicals or unsafe drugs. Be it facial acnes or acnes on your back, butt or body, herbs will help you get rid of them and even your skin will feel pampered.

Some of the best natural herbs for acne-cure grow in your own backyard. Collect them and concoct your own homemade recipes for acne-cure. Nowadays, there are many herbal acne supplements available in the market that promise successful remedies for acne in both teens and adults.

Beneficial Herbs For Acne

It can be an arduous job to find out the best herbal treatment for acne out of the plethora of herbal acne remedies available. Green tea cream and tea tree oil have already proven their efficacy in combating acne. Other useful herbs are as follows:

1. Aloe Vera is actually a skin-cell refurbishing herb. It has the same qualities as vitamin E, which will smooth the skin.

2. Burdock root acts as an antibiotic to fight the acne bacteria and promotes skin-softness.

3. Dandelion root has some detoxifying qualities. That helps in combating acne bactera effectively.

4. Echinacea Purpurea brings the immune system by instigating white blood cells, which causes bacteria from entering the cells. It is also anti-inflammatory.

5. Tea-tree oil is an anti-bacterial agent; spot-application of the oil on erupted pimples and zits can help in eliminating bacteria and further reduces inflammation.

6. Yellow docks widely accepted skin toning effect helps keep the normal size and shape of skin-pores. This controls oil secretion and future blocking of skin-pores.

A homemade blend of equal parts of the herbal extracts of Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock, Burdock, and Cleavers gives you a perfect herbal treatment for your acne, as these herbs are powerful blood and lymph cleansers. Taking half a teaspoon of this blend three times a day along with a healthy diet will see your acne treated quickly enough, if not instantly.

Herbal Acne Supplements

Good herbal supplements should contain balanced quantities of all essential herbs – Bergamot, Burdock, Chamomile, Dandelion root, Lavender, Juniper and the like of highest standard and quality. You can rely on the supplements marketed by companies that have a proved track record.

Your acne needs a treatment both internally as well as externally; so try to pick a system that is complete system, revolving round herbal masks, cleansers and creams in conjuction with a herbal acne supplement.

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