Home Herbal Remedies – Should You Try Them?

More and more people are using home herbal remedies as an alternative to traditional over the counter or prescription pharmaceuticals, and and with good reason. A great many chemically synthesized drugs and medications have known dangerous side effects, and while some have been designated as "safe" this does not mean they are completely without toxicity. Given that, it's not surprising that herbal remedies are on the increase.

However, before using an herbal remedy, you have to be aware that "natural" does not always mean it's 100% safe. Many herbs have very powerful effects, and while the chemicals present in them may indeed be natural, that does not mean they are always safe, especially not in large doses. Some people believe you can not overdose on natural herbal medicines, but this is far from the case. There are plenty of poisons found in nature, and even the safest remedies may not be good for you if taken in doses much higher than that recommended.

That being said, herbal remedies are often an excellent alternative to pharmaceuticals. There are herbal medicines that can treat just about every known condition, including those pharmaceuticals can not touch. For example, many herbs are excellent anti-viral agents, and will assist the body in fighting off viral infections such as colds or flus. There are very few effective synthetic anti-virals available, and most anti-viral drugs are expensive and have side effects. If you can fight off a cold or flu more effectively with herbal remedies, then why would not you use them?

If you're interested in trying herbal remedies for your own ailments and illnesses, then a good place to start is with a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or another medical professional who utilizes natural medicine in their own practice. You'll often find that they are excellent at diagnosing your ailments, and may even be able to detect conditions that you did not even know you had. However, be warned that it can be expensive.

If you're particularly keen on learning more about home herbal remedies, it's possible to buy some great books on the subject, that will not only explain to you the mechanism of the various herbs and what they can be used to treat, but will instruct you on the creation of your own remedies. There's nothing more satisfying than creating an effective remedy and using it on yourself or your loved ones, and you can end up saving hundreds in medical bills too.

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