Home Remedies For Acne – Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

You don’t have to make a trip to the drug store and spend hours comparing acne treatments to get rid of your acne. Basic items you find in your refrigerator, your garden, or bathroom can be used to create homemade topical solutions to treat your acne and nourish your skin. Natural acne treatments are a great way to cure your acne without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals or dangerous side effects.

Cleansers are an important to remove dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and acne bacteria to prevent acne flare-ups. For acne sufferers with oily skin, apple cider vinegar is an effective ingredient for killing acne bacteria and removing excess oil. Lemon and lime juices are valuable ingredients in homemade cleansers to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.

For those with dry skin, yogurt and olive oil will keep your skin clean without stripping away the valuable moisture. The natural powers of the sun should not be overlooked either. A few minutes each day in the warm sunlight will kill bacteria and reduce your stress load!

Once your skin is clean, you will need to use a product to refine your pores and even out the moisture in your skin. Applied with a cotton ball, cucumber juice is a great natural toner. To make is smell great and further treat your acne, mix it with licorice root extract, rose oil, or lavender oil.

Add juices from lettuce or carrots in order to increase the nutrient level in your moisturizer. If you would rather not coat your skin with more homemade products, rinsing your skin with cold water or rubbing an ice cube on your face with close your pores and prevent dirt and oil from getting in.

Natural acne treatments can also help you deal with the painful red sores caused by acne. One of the most common household items to speed healing is aloe vera. It not only removes the pain of the sores, but it is also a natural anti-septic to prevent infection. Toothpaste and raw potato or cucumber slices can be dabbed onto pimples to control inflammation and speed up the healing process.

At night, mint juice, clove oil, tea tree oil, and green tea can be applied to your face at night. In the morning, wash it off with a pure bar soap and water. Honey is not only effective to treat acne, but it is also helpful for treating acne scars.

Homemade facial masks are great for boosting the effectiveness of your natural acne treatments. A paste of milk powder, cucumber pulp, honey, and graham flower will treat the acne, blemishes, and nourish your skin while preventing the acne from returning. To exfoliate, use a mask of cucumber pulp and oatmeal.

So there you go.

These ingredients can be mixed and matched to meet your specific needs. You can design an entire skin care regimen, use them daily along with prescription medications and over the counter topical creams, or use them occasionally to keep you skin looking its best. Along with proper diet and hygiene, homemade natural acne treatments are an economical, safe, and convenient way to treat your embarrassing acne.

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