Homemade Acne Remedies That Work

Have you heard about homemade acne remedies that work? Have you been suffering from acne for days now and it seems impossible for you to get rid of it? Well, I’ve got real solutions for you to try out. These remedies are tested and proven to alleviate and eliminate forms of acne that are affecting millions of people from all sexes, skin types, and age. Read on.

Apples and Honey

Facial masks containing apples and honey are believed to treat acne. To apply these, start creating a paste of apple and mix it with honey. The honey must only be 3 to 4 tablespoons. Apply the well mixed solution to the affected areas of your skin gently. For better results, let it stay for about 15 minutes, and if done, rinse your face well, but don’t use cold water. Pick warm water, instead.

Glycerin and sorbitol cleansers

These two elements are said to be capable of keeping one’s skin clean. They can eliminate skin oil, which is but one of the main causes of acne. To try these homemade acne remedies, just buy a soap that is glycerin-based, or a cleanser that is sorbitol-based.

Before applying any of these solutions, wash your face first. Use the glycerin-based or the sorbitol-based cleanser to get rid of oils. What’s good about these remedies is that they don’t leave your skin irritated or dried. Instead, they balance the level of acidity of your skin, making it difficult for all types of bacteria to proliferate and grow.


Toothpaste is also one of the most effective homemade acne remedies that experts commonly suggest. This solution must be applied, however, before going to bed. It works basically to reduce the swelling caused by acne. With this capability, it’s no surprise to see a number of people using toothpastes to heal forms of acne.

Oatmeal mask

To many people, oat meal is just produced as food. But, without many of your realizing it, oatmeal can also serve different purposes. One of those is to heal acnes. It works to absorb skin oils, thus leaving your skin healthy and clean. However, just like the rest of the homemade remedies, apply only the right amount that your skin needs. Mix the oatmeal with water to create a thick paste. Apply it gently to your skin and let it stay for 10 to 20 minutes, and rinse your face with cold water after. For best results, apply the paste twice a day.

The above mentioned homemade acne remedies are proven to work well in eliminating forms of acne, making it possible for you to live your day perfectly without the bothering zits.

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