Homeopathic Remedies For Acne – How to Naturally Tackle Your Acne Problem

If you want to know more about homeopathic remedies for acne, keep reading…

A big problem that faces people that suffer with acne is the wealth of false information available on the causes of acne. The myths and old wives tales still get passed around even though there is genuine medical knowledge available. How does one know who to believe? Because rather than solving the acne problem it can make it worse when following the myth advice and the myth causes are incorrect too. The following are the most common myths and what to avoid! When you are suffering from acne…

The first is that “poor hygiene is the cause of acne.” You can scrub your face and scrub your face and scrub any other area affected by the acne a million times and it won’t help. The constant washing of the face can cause more damage by irritating and inflaming the affected area. Using an acne treatment and good hygiene not overboard hygiene (two or three times daily is enough) are important in the fight against acne. Use a mild soap and pat dry instead of rubbing dry.

The second myth is that acne is “caused by what we eat.” Haven’t you always heard that chocolate gives you pimples? Or that eating greasy fast food causes acne? Most of us have heard these sayings before at least once in our lives. Now you can know for sure that this is simply not true. Scientific research that was conducted trying to link ones diet as the cause of acne proved non- conclusive. However, some people can have a worse breakout after eating something that another person with acne wouldn’t react to so in that sense we are all different and out bodies act differently to different things.

The last myth is that “popping the zits will make them heal faster.” Again not true, instead of healing them faster it actually does the opposite because by popping it you are in actuality pushing the bacteria deeper which can cause an infection or it could lead to acne scarring as well.

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