How to Clear Acne Overnight

A war can not be won overnight, but a battle most certainly can. Acne has been one of the most relentless enemies encountered by teenagers and adults alike, and it can be most defeating to have it when it happens at a time you least expect it to, or even more annoying, when you least wish it to. As such, many have urgently advised help on how to clear acne overnight. Here are some ways in which you can provide acne skin treatment overnight, without having to take a trip to the dermatologist.

Take some white, non-gel toothpaste and apply a dab of it on your acne. Do this before going to bed and find a way to avoid rubbing it off in your sleep. You will notice that the next morning, the toothpaste has hardened over your pimple.

Wash it off gently with water and notice how the acne has almost vanished. In cases of very sensitive skin, you may opt for a different method for the treatment of pimples, as applying toothpaste might be too direct and harsh on the skin.

Another method would be to take an aspirin and crush it in a bowl. Then mix it with lemon juice to create a paste. Apply this to your pimples or alternatively, to the entire face, and leave it on overnight. This reduces swelling and redness, and clears the acne fast. Benzoyl Peroxide gels are also very effective in rapidly diminishing acne overnight.

Spot-apply or apply a thin film of this gel on your own face, taking care in avoiding mucous membranes, and leave overnight. Gently wash off the next morning and notice how your acne has significantly discharged up.

Creams with AHA or alpha hydroxy acid can also be applied in the same fashion, not only to acne but also to acne scars or blemishes as it has whitening properties. These treatments for pimples are just very well within reach, and they are simple, effective weapons in immediate acne skin treatment.

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