How to Treat Acne Fast – 3 Important Steps For Teenagers and Parents

Acne is a problem for many of us, studies show that about 85% of us suffer from acne breakouts at some point in our lives, most of that being in our teen years. These breakouts can cause a decrease in self confidence as well as being distracting from our school work, social life and family life.

Acne is caused from something inside your body, so treatment begins inside, at the source. Then you must also treat the acne itself. Hygiene does play a part in acne, but it is not the cause. Acne is caused by your diet and exercise habits. Poor hygiene only makes the problem worse and prevents or delays healing.

Step 1. Cut back on fatty foods and sweets. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink lots and lots of water. And exercise properly, professionals recommend 3 times weekly.

Step 2. Buy a regimen for Acne treatment, such as Murad's Acne Complex Kit, and use it religiously. Every morning and every night, wash your face with a non-perfumed soap and warm water. And follow that with the 3 step treatment recommended in your Acne Treatment regimen. Do not skip a treatment!

Step 3. Have your parent (s) help you stick to this routine, to encourage you to follow the steps properly. A cheerleader, of sorts, that will help to keep you focused on the goal, which is to be acne free.

Having toned, fresh, clean acne free skin is achievable, following those 3 steps. I have a 13 year old son myself that is just getting into the bad acne phase and this works great for him. Lucky for me, he loves fruits and vegetables, so getting him to eat his greens is easy. I do have to remind him often to wash his face and do his 3 steps, and yes, he does not get aggravated with me at times, but he knows it's for his own good and it has made a world of difference in his complexity and his confidence.

Additional tips to keep in mind and follow are to never skip treatments. To do so gives the acne time to spread and worsen. Stay on it, day and night. If, during the day your skin gets oily, dirty or sweaty, wash it good with nothing more than a washcloth and warm water. Do not over medicate, but keep the oils and dirt off of your skin. Also, keep you hands off of your face to avoid spreading bacteria.

Also, girls, make up is a must have. But wear it only when you have to. Wash it off with a cleanser / make up remover as soon as you can to reduce the risk of clogged pores. And be careful when purchasing makeup to buy the hypoallergenic and what is best for your skin. Buy cleansers that are made for your skin type.

Follow these 3 easy steps and watch your face clear up more and more each day. And stay clear!

I hope this article helps a lot of teens, as I myself struggled with acne as a teenager and still do as an adult. But I am helping my son in ways I did not help myself. So Parents, help your child stay on routine and on the way to clear skin in days.

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