Is Acne Genetic?

Doctors, until now, did not believe that Acne was genetic, or ‘inherited’. Because of much research, they are changing their points of view in favor of genetics. But what does this mean to you? Do you really care if acne is genetic or not? It actually means a lot. If scientists can find a genetic factor which causes acne, then they are not far from a final cure for this condition.

At the Medical College of Georgia, in Augusta, Georgia, researchers have spent countless hours working with families and even twins to find the answer to this question. What did they discover? That acne did in fact seem to run in families and they found that 81% of the time, that was true.

Look through your family. You will find one if not many who suffered or are suffering from the same condition. Many times you will see the scarring; the sometimes physical effects of severe acne years after the eruptions have disappeared.

It seems logical that if we look like our families, have the same birthmarks, freckles, etc. that we would also have the same pre-disposition to acne. Now that we all believe that this could really be a factor, what does that mean? Are you stuck with acne forever because of this? Definitely not!

More than likely, your relatives did nothing to prevent the acne and scarring. Years ago, people felt helpless because there wasn’t much research and very few products on the market that truly helped. Today things are different. Whether your acne is hereditary or not, there are simple steps, home remedies and medications that will not only control but erase your acne completely.

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