Laser Acne Removal Treatment

Acne scars appear when you have extreme acne. These acne scars arise from the inflamed follicles that are filled with bacteria and dead skin cells.

When you have multiple acne scars, the best way to cure these is to remove the old skin and regenerate new active skin cells. The only way you can do this is to undergo a laser acne removal treatment. Some years back, the laser acne treatments were not so effective as they are today and had only moderate results, but new lasers have been put on the market. These new lasers work significantly better than the old ones, and have much better results.

These new lasers are more effective in removing dead tissue, and stimulates the skin to form new collagen. This treatment has no aggressive effect on the skin, on the contrary it has a very fast recovery time. During the laser treatment the doctor holds a laser above the infected area and waves the pen back and forth removing the dead skin. These laser treatments should be performed by dermatologists or plastic surgeons that are trained in using this technique

These laser treatments are very safe, but in some cases swelling can appear. In most cases these swellings disappear after approximately 7 days. A lot of dermatologists feel that people who have dark skin, should not use this technique, because it could alter the skin color.

These laser acne treatments can cost you $2500 for a full face treatment, and a $1000 for treating other types of scars. If you want to undergo such a treatment, I would advise you to go to a dermatologist to see what is best for you.

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