Laser Acne Scar Removal – Removing Acne Scars

New technology provides laser acne scar removal for both the face and body. Finding ways to erase scars from acne is a common concern for millions of people suffering with acne scars. Acne and scars can range from mild to extremely severe and for many people it can make life very difficult. Fortunately, for those suffering with this problem there are new cutting edge laser treatment solutions that are very effective.

Methods of treatment range from NO surgery options to surgical scarring treatment. NO surgical scarring treatment include creams, chemical peels, skin fillers, and home remedies. Surgical treatment involves laser treatment.

Recently, there have been exciting announcements of new laser treatment capabilities, so when choosing a physician please be sure to inquire about these recent advancements in laser scar removal.

There are different types of acne scars which may require variation in laser treatment depending upon the type of scar.

Generally acne scars fall in to basic categories such as:

• Ice Pick Scars…deep and narrow scars

• Box Car Scars…usually round or oval scars

• Rolling Scars…affected areas have a rolling appearance

• Hypertrophic Scars… a raised firm mass of tissue

The cost of laser removal can be challenging if you are on a tight budget. The cost will vary depending upon individual circumstance such as:

1. doctor fees

2. per session cost fees

3. Hospital charges for the procedure.

4. etc

Laser acne scar removal is not usually covered by insurance. If cost is an issue you might want to consider other non surgical treatment for scars including natural remedies and home treatments. The major benefit of laser treatment is its effectiveness and short time to recover.

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