Laser Treatment for Acne Removal

Acne is a common skin disease, which is characterized by the areas of skin with comedones, seborrhea, papules, nodules, and pustules. Acne affects most of the skin with thick population of sebaceous follicles; the acne occurring areas include upper part of the back, chest, and on the face. The occurrence of the lesions is mainly due to the changes in skin structure, pilosebaceous units consisting of hair follicle with the association of sebaceous gland.

Mostly acne occurs during the teenage and often continues in thirties. Due to the increased levels of testosterone, acne occurs in the adolescence also. In most people, appearance of acne may lessen over the time and tends to vanish.

Initially, there is only ointments were available in the market to treat the acne problem. But now with the recent advancements in the technology, acne treatment has become very easy. The laser treatments give the end result as glowing skin and ensure the removal of acne. Depending on your skin type and the acne affected area, experts use several types of lasers.

These laser treatments have their individual advantages and disadvantages. The effects of the treatments mainly depend on your skin sensitivity. The first laser used to remove acne is Carbon dioxide laser. This removes the first layer of the skin and also the existing acne, but this laser has some disadvantages like permanent whitening of the skin.

Other types of laser are non-ablative laser and pulsed dye laser. These treatments may give the improved appearance without giving many side effects.

The type of laser that is used mainly depends on the severity of the acne case. Here are some laser treatments for acne removal:

Blue light laser: It is used in the first type of laser treatments for acne. For a gentle and safe treatment, blue light laser is used by targeting the overactive sebaceous glands, which release face oils. Blue light lasers such as fraxel lasers or smooth beam are safe and these have been used for more than 20 years to treat the moderate to severe cases of acne. This is the most common type of treatment for acne.

Pulsed green laser: It is the second type of treatment, which works through pulsed green yellow light associated with the heat energy. This is same as blue light laser, which helps in shrinking the sebaceous glands and making them to produce less face oils. Usually, to treat the moderate cases of acne, either pulsed green laser or blue light laser is used. The only disadvantage with this acne treatment is that it would cause the affected area to be reddened for a long time.

Diode laser: This is the last type of laser used for the acne treatment. It is recommended for most severe cases. This laser cut the upper layer of the face skin and devastates the sebaceous and oil producing glands without affecting the upper layers of the skin. But it is quit painful than other laser treatments. However, surgeons generally prescribe some sort of pain killers to reduce the pain. This treatment may cause redness at the treated areas.

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