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Let's Take a Closer Look at Laser Eye Surgery

Our vision is probably the most utilized sensory faculty that we have. For most people the ability to see clearly is absolutely vital. Unfortunately, our eyes frequently suffer from diseases, abuse, and genetic eye defects that may lead to poor eyesight. To help us ease our burdens with these problems, we would normally use corrective lenses such as glasses and contact lenses. But recently a new treatment for eye ailments has surfaced. Commonly called laser eye surgery, it is a procedure that restores your normal eyesight without the aid of corrective lenses.

You may think that that I'm old-fashioned but to me laser eye surgery is quite unnecessary. For one it costs a whole lot more than ordinary lenses. Why would you spend a lot of cash for a surgery when cheap glasses can produce the same results? Since this type of treatment is reliably new not a lot of research has been done to determine if it has any adverse consequences for those who have tried this procedure.

For me vision is too important and precious to gamble with. What I'm trying to communicate is that like other surgery, laser eye surgery poses possible risks. Infection, tissue scarring, and other dangers are all too possible for those who risks their eyes in this procedure. Why would I risk my vision on an untested, expensive, quick fix solution when reliable glasses can achieve similar effects?

Well, of course laser eye surgery sounds and sees a lot more attractive than good-old-corrective lenses. And who would not want to try this latest, state of the art procedure? It's definitely more exciting to have laser eye surgery than to just have boring eye-glasses. But is it really worth the risks? I have been wearing glasses since I was thirteen and they worked just fine for me.

Other than the experience of being teased, eye glasses have no major inconveniences. I would prefer being called a nerd than trying a dangerous surgery that and damaged my eyes permanently. If you are seriously considering trying laser eye surgery, I suggest that you weigh the risks carefully. I feel that it would be wise to stick with eye glasses or at least wait for a few more years when the techniques of the procedure have been refined and most of the dangers have been eliminated.

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