Pregnancy and Acne – How to Become a Pregnant Goddess in 3 Days!

You are on your way to becoming a Mother. A new lease of life is growing in you and imagine the moment of joy when you finally see your little baby. It is one of life's most wonderful gifts. However, there seems to be a problem now. you started noticing acne growing on your skin. You asked and understands that pregnancy and acne goes hand in hand. You can choose to wait for your acne to clear up after your pregnancy (hopefully) or you can choose to use the following tips to maintain your skin's clarity and stay as a beautiful mother-to-be while awaiting the delivery of your little one.

Understanding how pregnancy and acne ties down can give you a better insight of how you should go about protecting and maintaining your beautiful skin.

The cause of acne during pregnancy can be credited to an increase in your hormones. When your hormone level increases, your pores start to produce extra sebum. In other words, there is an increase in the production of oil on your skin. This explains why some women experience the wonderful healthy "glow" during pregnancy. However, for others, disaster is just brewing because an oily skin is just the perfect recipe for acne.

Here are some of the beauty tips you can apply to stay as a pregnant goddess:

First, wash your face two to three times a day with an oil-free mild cleanser. This is to ensure proper removal of dead skin cells and prevent any clogging for bacteria to grow. However, it is very important that you do not over wash. Over washing strips your skin of the oil it produces, causing your pores to produce even more oil, which could worsen or result in acne breakouts.

Second, keep your hands off your face! That includes squeezing your pimples. Touching your face promotes the spread of bacteria. When bacteria gets into your pores, it gives room for acne to grow. Likewise, squeezing your pimples not only increases the likelihood of the bacteria spreading, it can also lead to acne scarring. once again, keep your hands off your face whenever you can.

Third, drink lots of water to keep your skin and body hydrated and moisturized. Water helps your body to get rid of oil and toxins that damages your skin. At the same time, a moisturized skin also adds your pores from clogging.

On a side note, drinking water can relax your body, keeping your stress level down and giving you a better rest. Since stress plays a major part in changing the body hormones, leading a healthy life free of stress can help greatly in reducing acne. More importantly though, is that you enjoy the whole pregnancy experience.

In conclusion, pregnancy and acne, even though they come in a pair, can be copied and reduced if you choose to take proper care of your skin. In short, pregnancy is beautiful. It is a whole new experience exclusive only to women and the whole experience will be made even more special when you can stay as a pregnant goddess.

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