Primary Causes of Acne Flare Ups

Pin-pointing the specific causes of acne in people can be a very tricky process, dermatologists need to carefully study the patient’s skin condition in order to determine the right course of action. There might not be just one cause which triggers acne in a person, there may be 2 or more factors which are contributing to this skin disease. Today we are going to take a look at the most common causes for acne in teenagers as well as in adults.

— In Sports:

Anabolic Steroids:

These are also known as anabolic androgenic steroids or AAS, this is a steroid hormone related mostly to testosterone which athletes have been known to use in order to improve their performance and muscle mass, the hormonal imbalance that they cause is one of the reasons why many athletes will use these products suffer from acne. As a side note, steroids are banned by all major sporting bodies.

— Adult Acne:

Hormonal Changes:

In teenagers and hormonal changes occur because of their development from kids to adults, these changes often lead to acne problems, in adults the changes may be triggered by the use of other products which alter hormones.

Make up:

Women normally use cosmetic and other products in order to cover skin imperfections but sometimes they may have unwanted side effects which can trigger an acne outbreak.

Rusty or Dirty Shaving Accessories:

Women and men suffer of skin allergies and reactions caused mainly by rusty or shaving items which have been over-used (shaving blades) if this is the case serious acne complications will occur which is why constantly disposing and changing of your shaving accessories will be of great help when treating this skin disease.

Excessive Scratching:

If your skin condition has gotten you to the point that you now feel nervous every time you see or touch the affected area, it is time to find out a way to get your behavioral problem under control

— Diet:

Milk and other diary products may be one of the causes for acne, when it comes to suppressing the foods which trigger an acne outbreak it is a smart choice to consult with your dermatologist of physician, drastically reducing your food intake may have adverse consequences which may add to your list of health related problems.

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