The Mechanism of Acne – How Spots Are Formed on Our Skin

Most people do not know the process of which acne forms. This article is written to show you the step-by-step process that results in acne. After you read this article, you will know more about how acne forms on your skin than most of the other acne sufferers.

1. The Pores Get Clogged By Dead Skin Cells

As we already are aware of, our skin is continuously renewing itself by removing dead cells off its top surface. Sometimes, hormones stimulate the sebum glands and dead skin cells begin to accumulate inside the pore. Dead skin cells start to gather more rapidly and then filling the pore when the body produces more sebum.

2. Dead Skin Cells Mix with Sebum to Create a Sticky Mixture

Our body can produce much more facial oil than usually due to hormonal imbalance caused by stress, diet and inner changes as well as other internal factors. The dead skin cells mix up with the sebum and form a very sticky and oily substance that eventually plugs the pore and locking its contents inside.

3. Bacteria Multiply!

Very soon, the acne causing bacteria begin to thrive on this amount of food. These bacteria then discharge the wastes which makes the inflammation worse.

4. More Inflammation

The bacteria which cause acne contribute to the inflammatory nature of acne by inducing skin cells to secrete proinflammatory cytokines.These chemicals cause inflammation because they attract special cell killers, better known as neutrophils.

5. White Substance or Pus Builds Up

Neutrophils are the major defense against bacterial infection as they “consume” other cells and foreign substances that irritate the immune system. The acne-causing bacteria release lipases and other enzymes which contribute to inflammation.

6. You Get Blackheads or Whiteheads

If the surface of the pore is too small and air cannot reach the infected sebum inside the pore, whitehead forms. If the pore is wide open, and air is able to reach the sticky mixture, you get blackhead when the mixture get oxidized.

7. Acne is Now Visible

If your body’s immune response is weak, then the inflammation turns the acne lesion into a whitehead, nodule or even a cyst. It’s important to get your immune system working at optimum level for this reason.

8. We Panic

As soon as we see the red swollen bump, we get terrified and stressed. We try to find all the best cures for acne, but since most products on sale in the market are made from irritating chemical substances, it’s highly unlike for acne to clear up.

9. Eventually, Acne Does Clear Up

When your body’s hormonal system readjust itself, acne starts to clear up since no further infections occur.

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