The Truth Behind Acne Myths

Everyone would love to have a fair and clear complexion, especially in the interior area. No one would want to see a zit appearing anywhere on his or her body. Because it is such a dreaded thing, there are several myths about acne that sprout here and there. Most of these myths are creating confusion and most of them are nothing but misinformation. To keep track on how to properly prevent acne, here are the truths behind acne myths.

Chocolate can cause acne
Food high in sugar may not be always good for the body but eating chocolate alone can not cause acne. There are no medical studies to prove such a claim. It is important to note that each individual would have a different reaction to certain foods. You may notice that after eating a bar of chocolate, zits start to appear. Some may have the same reaction to salty foods. If this case, then you can stay clear of foods that you observe to bring you acne.

Washing your face often would prevent acne for good
Washing your face regularly would certainly help remove oil and dirt from your skin. Although oil and dirt can be factors why acne breeds, they are not the only cause of acne. Hormonal effects on one's sebaceous glands basically cause acne breakouts. Remember that washing your face too much can lead to dryness and skin irritation, which can lead to further breakouts. It is safe to wash your face twice a day with a mild soft or a gentle cleanser.

Acne is not related to emotional stress in any case. If you are taking in medication to help you cope with stress, then these drugs can potentially have side effects causing acne breakouts.

Do not ever use make-up if you want to achieve a perfect skin
There may be an exemption to this. There are several cosmetics that you can purchase that would not indicate breakouts. Look for the terms "nonacnegenic" or "noncomedogenic" in the manufacturing labels of the cosmetics you buy. These should be safe to use. Some concealers now come with benzoyl peroxide, which can effectively prevent pimples.

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