Top Acne Foods You Must Avoid To Cure Acne Fast!

If you have ever heard that by simply changing your diet your acne will miraculously disappear, sorry to disappoint.

By all means you should adopt a healthy diet containing lots of nutritional fruits and vegetables, it will certainly help you to feel great. However a healthy diet is only extremely effective when teamed up with an Effective Acne Treatment.

Your diet is still very important if you are on the quest to a glowing complexion as it will boost your immune system, allowing it to fight off nasty bacteria that causes cystic spots. However surprising there are many foods that can set you back and actually make your acne worse.

Here is a list of foods you should avoid…

Beware of dairy products

Dairy products such as milk are excellent for growing babies and children but unfortunately it can have negative effects on teenagers and young adults. Especially if they are already suffering from acne.

Most people assume it is the fat I the product that creates the problem, but surprisingly this is not the case. As a matter of fact, dairy products such as milk contains certain hormones that can cause nasty breakouts. Do panic any milk lovers out there, it does not mean that you should ban it off your menu, just be aware not to consume much more than once glass of milk a day.

Stay away from sugar

This was a tip that I was in denial about for ages as I adore my sugary treats. However as soon is I cut down on the jelly babies and marsh mellows I did definitely notice that my skin improved. Unfortunately cutting out sugar did not cure my sever acne, it actually took a well researched and Effective Acne Treatment.

So this being my experience, if you know you are a big fan of the sweet stuff, take note that it may be these making your acne worse.

Fatty Foods

Fatty foods contain loads of dreaded sugar, saturated fat and natural preservatives. Not only are these bad for your weight and body in general, they are also terrible for your skin. A fatty treat every now an again will not hurt, just make sure your diet is not packed full of these bad foods.

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