Understanding What Acne Is And What Causes It!

Acne is not just something that teenagers get. The true is that acne affects people ranging in age from ten to forty. Women are prone to acne more when they reach the mid twenty's. Women who have never had an early problem with acne can suffer from this problem after pregnancy. It may occur in different ways such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, congested pores and cysts. The areas affected are mainly the back, chest and face areas because of the many oil glands. Men are also prone to acne flare-ups starting at an early age and can last into adulthood. Babies are prone to baby acne, which can occur after birth.

When the body reaches puberty, the oil glands are stimulated. The male hormones in girls and boys coming from the adrenal glands cause the stimulation of the oil glands. Under normal conditions, the oil glands keep the skin protected and lubricated. When the cells are located closer to the skins surface, the opening of the oil glands become blocked and oil builds up causing bacterial to increase and cause the tissue around that area to become inflamed. Everyone has bacteria in the skin, but under normal circumstances, it does not cause a problem until the oil glands become blocked.

If the pimple is deep, it is called a cyst. It is called a pustule if the inflammation is located near the surface of the skin. If by chance the oil comes through the surface of the skin, you will have a whitehead. If the oil is oxidized because of the oxygen that reaches it, it will turn to a blackhead. Finding a treatment for acne before the whitehead turns to a blackhead is important. In fact, treating any inflammation before it becomes a whitehead or a blackhead is important to prevent any permanent scaring from any possible deep tissue cyst.

Dirt, stress, hormones, cosmetics and food have often been the blame for acne. The truth is that these things alone do not cause acne outbreaks. Many people believed that eating chocolate caused outbreaks. The truth is that foods such as chocolate do not cause acne by itself. There does have to be other undercoming circumstances before the chocolate can contribute to an acne outbreak. Sweat does not cause acne nor does stress. People that have a pimple tend to become stressed about the inflammation, but stress is not what caused the problem to begin with.

There are some things that may contribute to an acne outbreak such as certain drugs, occupation and pressure. If you occupation requires working with industrial cutting oils, this can contribute to an inflammation. Some drugs can cause acne, but it is very rare. Prednisone or any other steroid may contribute to an outbreak. Pressure from collars, chinstraps or helmets may cause or aggravate an inflammation. Acne does not affect everyone the same way, but at some time in everyone's life, acne could be a problem even if it only happens once or twice through ones life.

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