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What is a Temporary and Permanent Skin Blemish?

There are numerous different types of things that can mar your skin, but the most common of all skin blemishes is acne. Acne will most commonly appear on your face, back and chest, although it can appear in other places like the genital area, stomach, arms and neck.

Quite a fair amount of the time acne is caused by hormones, either reacting in response to stress, or as part of a natural hormonal cycle (it’s not just the girls who experience hormonal cycles, men, but it is more common). Other reasons for acne blemishes appearing on your skin might be that you have really oily skin, and this can lead to an excess of sebum (oil produced naturally on your face), which if left for too long will usually cause a blockage in your pores. When a pore is blocked, the sebum isn’t able to escape, which means that it builds up behind the blockage. This is what a pimple or blackhead is. So you can see, that the main way to stop your skin from forming blemishes is to ensure that there are no blocked pores.

There are a number of home remedies which people report as being a success on a skin blemish, but this is quite rare. There are some commercially produced treatments out there that also attempt to fix a skin blemish, but it is doubtful as to how effective they are really. So the best way to deal with a skin blemish is prevention or proper care for a temporary blemish. Read my other articles to discover how to stop skin blemishes.

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