Will a Homeopathic Acne Treatment Work?

For those interested in learning how to use homeopathic acne treatments, this article will serve to inform you of the treatment options available. Before I begin to explain the options that are available to treat acne, I would first like to explain the cause of acne. The body naturally produces oil, and this is a good thing, except your skins pores become blocked. If this happens, the body will produce oil, as it should, but because your pores are blocked, it has not where to go. While the skin saturate in oil, and dirt, and who knows what else, the stage is set for a skin infection, which is commonly known as an acne outbreak. In order to successfully treat acne with homeopathic treatments, you will need to first clean the blockages from your pores, and second kill the bacterial infection.

To clean the skin of oil and dirt and effective treatment to use is sulfur. This is typically sold in the form of a cream, or as a lotion. The sulfur not only removes the excess oil and water from the skin, but it also fights infection.

Another great treatment for existing outbreaks is antimonium crudum, although it is not of much use for the treatment of existing outbreaks. This treatment is typically recommended for those who have very red, inflated outbreaks on their face, neck, and shoulders. This is also sold in the form of a cream, and it is applied in the same way that sulfur is applied.

While both of these are great, either should be applied before consulting a doctor.

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