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Allergies – Homecare Help For Puffy Eyes & Itchy Skin

Allergies – Homecare Help For Puffy Eyes & Itchy Skin

Eyes puffy, red and sore. Feel like your sinuses a closing up without the benefit of a headcold to go with it? Look like you’ve gone ten rounds in the ring with the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion?

If you’ve been experiencing the above symptoms on and off over the last few months, or years, and you’ve written off colds as being the culprit, then it could be an allergic reaction to your soaps and cosmetics.

Allergies can come in all shapes and sizes, and with symptoms around the face you shouldn’t rule out airborne or plant-based allergens either. Here’s a few quick suggestions to help you figure out what might be going on.

Are you itchy anywhere else? Common spots to be effected are your armpits, arms and legs, but you could be itchy anywhere. A rash isn’t necessarily present, but if you’re presenting with one, get yourself to a doctor or naturopath as soon as you can to have it checked. Is your scalp itchy for no apparent reason ie, you’ve ruled out skin condition, dry scalp and lice.

These are all prime indications of intolerance to the chemicals and/or fragrances used in cosmetics or soap.

It’s easy to check. Switch to chemical-free, fragrance-free products and see what happens. If the symptoms decrease, and barring any other symptoms, then it’s likely you’ve found the source of the problem. Lucky you, it wasn’t too bad. If the symptoms persist you may need to be a bit stricter with your product. Look for soaps that are naturally made from olive oil or castille oils and have absolutely no chemicals or fragrances.

Read the labels carefully! These products will probably come in bars or rounds of soap-like substance. They are much softer than soap and need to be kept dry in between uses. The products come in a range suitable for body and hair, and though more expensive than common commercial cosmetics, you do not need extra add-ons like conditioner. The companies that manufacture such natural products usually produce a skin-care range as well and provide helpful tips on their products and the benefits of avoiding chemicals.

If your skin is not sensitive or fragile, then a loofah brush can be a great help as well. It removes dead skin cells, improves circulation, assists with muscle strength & pain through massaging, aids with conditions like tinea, and feels wonderful! When using a loofah brush, be gentle around the decolletage and neck area, and avoid the face completely. If you’d like to try a similar technique on your face, purchase a facial brush.

So, you’re doing all you can and the allergic symptoms are still persisting? 1. If at any time your symptoms go beyond the inconvenient and annoying, go to your health professional. 2. Look at other possible allergens your body comes into contact with, such as detergents, air fresheners, cleaning chemicals, plants, air pollution. Make the switch to safer, gentler products wherever you can. 3. If you are fed up with the symptoms or if they are increasing in severity, please, it’s time to go to your health professional. You may need to undergo more detailed allergy testing or the symptoms may be indicators of something else.

Do not play around with your health and your life, if in doubt, seek professional help. Easing of even niggling symptoms may save you from worse later on.



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