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Alternatives to Breast Augmentation Surgery

Alternatives to Breast Augmentation Surgery

With the price of breast augmentation pushing this breast enhancement option out of reach for many women, those who may want to increase their breast size may find going in a breast augmentation surgery impossible. However, that does not mean they are completely out of options. Alternatives, from brassieres that vacuum breasts and breast enlargement pills to breast injections, are available. There are questions about these non-surgical products and treatments. Are they really effective? Are they safe? As they say, the answer will depend on which product are you using.

A certain Brava bra is among the alternative method in increasing your bust. The bra is designed with vacuum like features that will increase the size of the breasts when worn for 16 hours daily. Effects can be seen within 10 weeks of use. According to the makers of the Brava bra, it works by expanding the breast tissues. With the tension pulling the breasts, the cells are stimulated to multiply. For some cosmetic surgeons, breast tissue expansion is usually done as pre-surgical preparation for those who would undergo breast augmentation surgical procedures or breast reconstruction.

Breast enhancement can also be achieved through breast injectable fillers. A certain chemical, hyaluronic acid, is the main component of Macrolane, which is administered to the breast. Hyaluronic acid is actually a natural complex sugar which can result in the restoration of cells. Aside from the breasts, Macrolane is also used in the face for wrinkles and fine lines. The downside for those in North America is that Macrolane injectable fillers for the breasts, are only allowed in Europe and not in the US or Canada.

Botox, commonly used to paralyze muscular tissues to maintain the tension of the cells can also be used as breast lift. The Botox is injected in the chest muscles, which results to the lift effect in the breastfeeding lying in front of the muscles. Botox can only last for a couple of months so this is a short-term treatment.

Another alternate is fat grafting, which is a procedure done by taking fat from other areas of the body and reinjecting it in your breasts, giving them fuller and larger appearance. This procedure can obscure diagnostic findings for breast exams and safety and effectiveness is still under debit for this method.

Finally, there are breast augmenting supplements that are often advertised as wonder treatments in the market. Anecdotal evidence shows that a number of these products could actually augment breast size but no scientific proof can support the claims. Significantly, just because a product states that it is says natural does not necessarily mean it is safe. Some ingredients in pills for breast enlargement are found to increase the risk of breast cancer. In addition, these products could pose problems with other medications that you take, increasing your risk of side effects. There are a lot of breast firming creams offered today. These creams promise breast lifts without undergoing invasive surgery to no breast-sagging results. Using a combination of ingredients like these lotions and creams promise to tauten the skin and perk up the tone and quality of the breasts. Most products contain moisturizers, which can improve the skin's appearance.