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An Unbiased AcneFree Review – Does it Work?

An Unbiased AcneFree Review – Does it Work?

When I was first researching AcneFree one of the things that bothered me as interesting was the variety of reviews. Some users said that the product was complete junk while others were ecstatic with the results that the AcneFree system save them.

If you have not heard of this product before here's a quick summary on how it works and what kind of ingredients are inside.

Similar to the popular acne clearing solution Proactiv, AcneFree is also a Benzoyl Peroxide based product. It too, is also a 3 step system as well.

The first step is called the Purifying Cleanser which basically works to exfoliate any dead skin cells on your face and remove any of the clogging dirt on there so you can start off the acne treatment on a "fresh slate" so to speak.

The second step is the Renewing Toner which again removes any remaining dead skin cells and balances the condition of your skin. This is basically the step which prepares your skin for the final third step.

The third step is the Repairing Lotion. Not only does this contain medicine which will kill the acne but it also contains ingredients that will ensure no more new acne appears.

All three steps contain benzoyl peroxide. The face wash contains 2.25%, the toner 3.7%, and the lotion / moisturizer is 2.25%.

The most important advice I can give is to test out any benzoyl peroxide products on an arm or a leg before you put it on your face. You do not want to find out after you've applied it all over your face that you're allergic to it, it will really mess you up.

Instead of asking, "Will AcneFree work for me?" you should really be asking yourself, "Will Benzoyl Peroxide work for me?" The reason behind this is because once you know the answer to this question you'll be able to take advantage or avoid all the products that make use of it like Proactiv and others.