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Anti Aging Advice – 4 Foods That Are Making You Older Everyday

Anti Aging Advice – 4 Foods That Are Making You Older Everyday

The best anti aging advice is to eat a healthy diet, and I see many people make some very basic mistakes when it comes to diet, that is why I decided to compile this article on the 7 most common foods that are destroying your skin.

1. Sugar – Sugar is a huge culprit when it comes to not just making your skin look worse, but also degrading your overall health. Stay away from all kinds of processed sugar, that means even brown sugar. Fruit sugar is fine if you eat fruits, but not fruit sugar in sodas and so on.

2. Processed Food – These include pasta (yup, pasta is one of them!), Cookies, crackers, and all those boxed foods. They usually contain a lot of sugar and different hydrogenated oils which damage your health, and your skin.

3. Sodas – These can be tricky, because they've now started marketing all these sodas without calories, those can not be harmful for you, can they? Yes they can. They contain a lot of artificial coloring, additives, and sweeteners. These can irritate your body, increase your risk of disease, and in turn harm your skin.

4. Fast Food – Another big one, fast food can actually be addicting because of all the stuff they put into their sauces, dips, and chips. So know that if you're accustomed to eating a hamburger per week, it might be tough to stop, but it's well worth it.

It is also very important to get a good skin care product that is completely natural, and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Many products today contain ingredients that can cause cancer, disrupt your body's systems and irritate your skin.

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