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Anti Aging Hand Cream Review to Help You Choose the Best Product

Anti Aging Hand Cream Review to Help You Choose the Best Product

Finding a good anti aging hand cream is hard, but also easy, hear me out on this and I will explain.

Many so called anti aging hand creams do not really have to be made, because just using a normal lotion will suffice for your hands. Our bodies contain the same skin all over, except for maybe on our face, where in some cases it is a little bit thinner, like for example under our eyes.

But in general, the same cream that you use for your body, can be applied as an anti aging hand cream. That takes us to my next point, how do you know if an anti aging hand cream is of high quality?

The first thing I usually do is I check the ingredients, and this might require some research on your part. You will have to learn more about what ingredients do what.

I know that almost everyone is short on time nowadays, so here is my list of ingredients to avoid:

o Acrylamide (can cause breast tumors)

o Alcohols (dries your skin)

o Dioxane (causes cancer)

o Fragrance (can cause depression, and irritability)

o Mineral oils (can cause acne, dry skin and irritation)

o Parabens (can cause cancer, allergic reactions and rashes)

Those are just a few that I tend to look out for, they may also not use those same names, because the skin care companies are getting more and more clever. They know that we are educating ourselves, yet they refuse to clean up their products.

These kind of ingredients are mainly used because they are cheap, and they help the cream preserve well, so they can keep it in stock for years.

The next step is to find a good product that is natural, and only contains ingredients that are proven to give results. I can only speak from personal experience, so I will tell you the ingredients that I use for good results.

o Cynergy TK (a new breakthrough ingredient)

o Phytessence Wakame (A Japanese sea algae)

o Manuka Honey (full of enzymes and antioxidants)

o Grapeseed Oil (antioxidants and vitamins)

o Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 (A special form of Coenzyme Q10)

If you want to know more about what I use as anti aging hand cream to get good results, visit my website for the follow-up article.