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Anti-Aging Remedies

Anti-Aging Remedies

Anti-aging remedies are solutions to slow, halt or reverse the human aging process. Hormones, antioxidants, and other preventive agents are used to aid anti-aging.

Many hormones are applied to the tissues to get the specific effect. Growth hormone, melatonin, estrogen, testosterone, and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) are the main anti-aging endocrines injected into the body. They enhance body stamina, immunity and muscle mass, eliminate cellulite and increase your memory. DHEA, existing in the body in the form of estrogen and testosterone, improves your libido, energy, muscles and immunity and decreases fat. Anti-aging cocktail supplements, rich in melatonin, served as a sleep-aid.

Antioxidants, which contain vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, and the co-enzymes superoxide and dismutase, help cut down the tendency of aging by fighting harmful molecules. They are normally found in fruits and vegetables or naturally in the body. Antioxidants are best to slow down age related conditions such as macular degeneration, cancer, and heart disease. A number of other things are recommended to halt the aging process – fresh water, magnets, and light-emitting devices are among the popular ones.

The advanced technology in medical science has brought in a high acclivity in anti-aging treatment. Cosmeceuticals and hair dyes, dermabrasion, cosmetic surgery, laser resurfacing are commonly used to reverse aging. Smoking cessation, exercise, and dietary modification are factors that help you reverse aging. Using sunscreen protection and natural protection against cancer, including laetrile cream, estrogen blockers, and reservation, early detection and prevention of diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis, maintaining sexual performances, and mind-body connection are the main points to take into account.

Anti-aging evaluation and treatment plans serve to solve a number of aging related problems in the initial stage. Hormone replacement therapies, anti-oxidant analysis and appropriate supplementation, examination of bio-markers of aging, immune protection, and DNA repair are part of the anti-aging medical treatment.

Almost all anti-aging supplements are not properly tested, so using these suppliants may tend to cause side effects. An expert anti-aging physician may be consulted.



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