Anti Aging Treatments – Facial Exercise Programs

As we age, the more concerned we become about the way our skin looks, both on our faces and on our bodies. Frustrating as it is to see our youthful faces disappearing from the mirror on a daily and yearly basis, there have to be alternatives to the fight against aging! More than that, is it necessary to spend huge amounts of money to achieve that goal or can we do something simple and less expensive? So, what simple, less expensive options do we have?

Obviously, using a good quality skin care product will help in slowing down the process of aging. Be consistent with whatever system you are using and be sure to clean your skin on a regular basis. Regular cleansing of the skin is by far your best fight against aging! Also be sure to use a moisturizer that protects against UVA & UVB rays from the sun. Protecting the skin from sun damage will certainly delay the sunset of aging in the skin. Fortunately, however, we do have many alternatives in our anti-aging battle, and some are as simple as facial exercises done on a daily basis!

Through a series of recommended facial exercises, a person can regain a tighter, firmer appearance. Within a short period of time, facial exercises can help the skin regain its youthful appearance, depending on the age of the person using the program. Unique exercises are intended to work on specific areas of the face to strengthen the muscles that hold the skin in place, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The older the skin, the less collagen production, thus a reduction in elasticity of the skin, meaning that the skin does not bounce back like it did at a younger age. Irregardless, these exercises can only help the skin if they are used consistently. The older the person, the less collagen and elastin production occurs, so the skin is less "elastic" than in previous years. "Collagen basically gives strength and support to the skin. It makes the skin supple and elastic. With age, you produce less collagen, and the collagen you have becomes destroyed, and of course, this is accelerated with chronic exposure to the sun" as noted in this CBS News article , "Anti-Aging Skin Treatments that May Work" from August 20, 2008. Starting a facial exercise program earlier in age rather than late, can definitely help keep the skin looking young for much longer.

Cynthia Rowland, facial fitness expert and creator of Facial Magic, a facial exercise system, believes that the exercises "work to lift and tighten sagging faces". She believes that following a facial exercise program will help to define and contour the face without harming it and will lead to a more youthful face. Ade Adeyemi Coles, CEO of Facial Gymnastics, agrees that using these exercises will consistently tighten loose, baggy skin and greatly reduce the incidence of wrinkles on the face and neck to almost zero! How exciting to know that simple exercises can reduce wrinkles!

Frustrating as it is to see new lines on your face in the mirror each time you look, there are true alternatives to check into. Using high quality, anti-aging skin products on the skin daily, is HUGE in preventing damage, but also in repairing damage to the skin. If you maintain a good skin care regimen and implement a daily facial exercise routine early on on age, you may be able to either prevent aging from occurring as quickly, or repair and revitalize your skin that is already showing signs of aging. Keep in mind there are tons of options on the market to care for aging skin, but maybe this is an option worth giving a try!

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