5 Unusual Anti-Aging Tips

Its ironic how we all look for an anti aging product in pill, a bottle or even with a doctor’s scalpel, but we fail to see the bigger picture. There is no doubt about it that looking young is a huge part of feeling young, but people who age really well are usually those who are young at heart. With so many anti aging products on the market it seems like we are relying more and more on some “instant fix” to regain our youthfulness.

The simple truth is that we don’t really need any of that. What we need is to embrace life again and start the process from the inside out. Have you ever seen people who age 10 years overnight after some traumatic experience? Well, you can do the reverse when you get your mind right. Here are 5 simple tips to help you.

1. Diet

Although this is not that unusual, the fact of the matter is that diet plays one of the most important parts in the speed at which we age. A healthy skin comes from a healthy lifestyle and those who age prematurely are also those who tend to have a wreck lace diet and lifestyle.

2. Mindset and Attitude

We’ve all heard it before – you are as old as you think you are, but this idea is really much more powerful than we think. As recent research by Dr. Bruce Lipton proved, we really are what we think we are and that you body responds to your thoughts. If you think you are getting old and that your body is deteriorating then it will respond to your thoughts.

3. Youthfulness

Are you an old fart or are you still youthful. To add to the whole issue of attitude you need to become youthful. That energy that youthfulness encapsulates is something you can embrace regardless of your age. What sort of music do you listen to? Is it still the same as 20 years ago?

4. Friends

Its been said that we are the average of our friends. This is most certainly true as we only measure and adapt ourselves according to our peer group. If you have friends that constantly complain and who have a negative attitude towards life, then it will rub off on you and drag you down too. Surround yourself by happy and optimistic people who have a passion and a lust for life.

5. Lifestyle

Does your lifestyle reflect that of an “old person” or is it exciting and energetic. Most people become stale as they age and spend more and more time doing nothing. People who lead an active lifestyle, who do stuff and go places have a greater purpose in life and tends to be more vibrant and alive – even when they get very old. What is your lifestyle like?

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