Anti-Aging And Oxidization In Our Bodies

The news is not all bad. There is a way to avoid all of this! – and high quality supplements – have been proven to reduce the incidence of disease.

The body produces free radicals and our environment creates more. The body also produces its own antioxidants and we get a fair amount from our food. But to deal with the level of barrage of free radical damage that we need to deal with on a daily basis we must feed the body higher amounts of antioxidants and minerals than it can produce by itself. And if we're already being attacked by disease, our immune system is weakened – because the need for optimal doses of antioxidants and minerals.

Q. What is the opposite to Oxidization?

A. Anti-oxidization !!

Q. What is the opposite to Aging?

A. Anti aging

Q. What can we do to start the anti aging process?

A. Take Quality Antioxidants


Believe me-when I discovered this I was skeptical to say the least. I came from a family that put all their faith into doctors. My dad, who died long and slow from degenerative disease handed his life and soul over to doctors who just handed him a cocktail of drugs. He was too frightened to even consider a high quality vitamin supplement as his doctor thought it would be a waste of time. But the radical difference to me and my family and my own mother who only started on them in her 70's has been life changing.

OK – so I'll just eat better! That will be good enough will not it?

Yes you could eat better – we all could. But unless you eat a high level organic diet of totally fruit, veges, nuts, grains, organic dairy, mercury free fish, disease free meat, don not walk outside, don not breath today's air, no exposure to any form of toxin, don not drive a car, never catch a bus or a train and basically live in a bubble, yes you probably could get all you need in your diet.

Oh and by the way, any fruit and veges you ate would have to be grown in highly nutrient soil – somewhat harder to find in today's farms.

Then if you could get your optimum doses of calcium you should need to drink 4 quarts of milk or eat 8 cans of sardines per day! Or, if you wanted to get your optimum dose of Vitamin C, you should need to eat 16 oranges per day. Not possible.

So, diet alone is not enough. If you still don not want to take my word for it there are many studies in reputable journals that will prove antioxidants and minerals are a must in today's' diet.

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