Anti Aging Foods – Simple Diet and Supplements to Look Younger

Looking good and young does not really need to only apply anti aging products on the skin or hair, but also by practicing a good diet by having a lot of anti aging foods. Anti aging foods do not only come naturally from fruits, vegetables or foods containing substance that will regenerates the skin cells but also by taking up supplements that are available in clinics and pharmacies.

The body needs extra vitamins such as Vitamin C and E, antioxidants and other nutritious substances can be the anti aging resources to live longer and to look younger. Having a balance diet with lots of vegetables and by drinking a lot of plain water will also contributes in regenerating the skin cells to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that increase with age. There are two different types of diet approaches, which are the Paleolithic Diet and the Caloric Restriction.

The Paleolithic Diets consists of food that can be gathered or hunted. This diet follows the way of Paleolithic era on getting food to eat. This consists of meat, fish, seafood, eggs, fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs and spices. Some of the anti aging foods are the sunflower seeds, spinach and beans, grape juice, sweet potatoes and cheese. These foods contain natural Vitamin E content and lots of antioxidant. Spinach and beans have compounds that could help pre-vent and repair wear and tear of the skin cells meanwhile sweet potatoes and carrots can regenerate the skin and help to prevent from ultraviolet rays damages.

You can find a lot of nutritious healthy eating tips that will also be the source of anti aging. These substances can also be found in avocados, nuts, walnuts, blueberries, olive oil, and yogurt and even in some types of wines. Chocolates are not only good for lowering the risk of heart diseases; it could also help in maintaining youthful blood vessels that can revive the skin cells better.

The other type of dieting would be the Caloric Restriction. This diet is all about the amount of calorie intakes and practicing a healthier diet with fewer calories foods does this.

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