Anti Aging Skin Care – Perricone Prescription Diet

If you’re like most women around the world you’ve probably been on one type of diet or another at some point in your life. The Perricone Prescription diet for anti aging skin care is likely to be a little different from any other diet you have tried. The first, and perhaps most important difference is that this is a diet where the goal is not weight loss. You read that right. The Perricone 28 Day Prescription is a diet that is designed to reduce the signs of aging in your skin.

One side effect of this diet for many people is that weight loss may occur but that is not a given and it is not the purpose of this particular diet. What it does accomplish is providing those who follow the plan with a more youthful complexion and skin tone. It is anti aging for your facial skin! Keep reading to discover some of the major benefits of following The Perricone diet.

Wrinkle Reduction

Most people, male or female, who follow the Perricone Prescription or Wrinkle Cure diet notice an almost immediate reduction in wrinkles. The reason for this is that this particular diet works to cleanse the body of the things that often cause wrinkles. Not only that, but it also provides you with the right kinds of fats necessary for the skin cells to flourish. By making your skin inhospitable to fine lines and wrinkles by following the Perricone Wrinkle Cure diet plan you are preventing new wrinkles from forming, which is just as important as reducing the wrinkles you have.

Levels Blood Sugar

One of the prime contributors to aging in the skin is fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The Perricone Prescription diet works to level the blood sugar in the body so that you don’t experience the wild variations that not only create wrinkles by degrading collagen and elastin, but also prevent your body from doing what comes naturally in an effort to repair them and/or prevent them in the future.

Reducing Inflammation

Another benefit of the Perricone Prescription diet is that the foods consumed reduce inflammation which can lead to all manner of bad conditions such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, and arthritis in addition to balancing the skin and reducing visible signs of skin aging. Put simply, this diet benefits the body as well as skin aging by reducing inflammation which can damage skin cells.

The claim with the Perricone Prescription diet is that within 3 days of following the diet noticeable results will be seen in your skin – otherwise known as the 3 day face lift. If you continue to follow the diet for a full 28 days you should notice substantial results not only in your skin’s appearance but also your overall health and well being.

This anti aging skin care plan has been met with a combination of skepticism and applause. The fact remains though that the diet has a nutritional foundation and is good for you, whether or not it will reduce the signs of aging or not. There are many people who have followed the diet though that swear to its benefits. It would be difficult not to notice the numbers of testimonials concerning this anti-aging skin diet and how it has changed the lives of so many.

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