Anti-Aging Skin Care

Youth is the best period of human life. Our body, health, mind, energy, confidence level and above all our look remain at their best in this period. We hardly think of the time when we shall start getting older and lose our supple lustrous skin, wrinkles appear and hairs start graying gradually. These accumulated changes are called ‘aging’ process. Aging wins all over our body at the cellular level, and slowly leads to old age/ senescence and finally death. This is the utmost fate of every living being. The processes and efforts to reversal or slow down the pace of aging is called ‘anti-aging’. Anti-aging processes involve healthy life style, food and supplements, hormone therapy, skin care products and treatments, and therapeutic surgery.

Our skin is the part of the body where aging process appears first time. Sun damage, pigmentation, dryness and dullness, enlarging the pores on skin and finally fine wrinkles paw on the face. These are various symptoms of aging. These symptoms start appearing at mid or late thirty years of age normally. However, a stressed lifestyle, limitless alcohol consumption, excessive sun exposure, certain diseases and side effects of medicine can cause early aging. Nobody wants to grow old and hence is the craze for anti-aging skin care therapies and products. Anti-aging skin care is directed towards one’s skin only; it has nothing to do with our life span.

Before taking a look through the anti-aging skin care procedures available in the market we must know the basics of aging process. With the advent of time all the tissues of our skin start losing firmness and elasticity, hormone secretion changes in the body, damaged cell and tissue start accumulating. Alone skin care is not sufficient for slowing down aging. One must incorporate diet, exercise, and lifestyle with skin care to fight aging. According to dermatologists, anti-oxidant rich food (containing Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Lipoic acid etc.) like fresh whole and organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, milk, sprouts, sea weeds, olive oil etc. combat aging process.

The common skin care method has four steps, regular cleansing, toning, moisturizing and at certain interval, exfoliation. However, anti-aging skin cares include special methods and products in addition to them some of which one has to take at the clinic. Anti-aging treatments may be classified broadly into the following categories.

1. Topically applied products– At the primary stage of aging cosmetic products are applied on skin. Anti-oxidants, under eye gel, sun block cream, anti-irritants etc in the form of cream, gel or serum come in this group.

2. Wrinkle fillers– To correct wrinkles, depressed areas, scars, and loose folds on the skin wrinkle fillers are applied either by injection or by small incision. Botox (Botulinum toxin) is the most commonly used as filler.

3. Skin rejuvenation by noninvasive or less invasive method– Various ray-treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, self-done-microdermabrasion, radiofrequency with various combination treatments come in this category.

4. Invasive methods– When all above methods fail or when aging symptoms become acute one must undergo this process. Invasive methods are- the surgical removal of double chin, abdominal skin lift, liposuction, face-lift, facial implantation, skin lift etc. These are permanent and expensive methods.

You should know which type of treatment you need depending on the extent of aging. There are multiple anti-aging skin care products and hardly any one of them gives exactly the result that they advertise. It is better to consult a skin care expert if you really plan to treat your aged skin.

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