Anti-Aging Tips – Lose the Wrinkles

There is one part of life that happens to everybody, and that unfortunately is aging. Here are ten tips to help slow down the process.

Water is essential as part of the anti aging routine. The skin cells, just like the body, need water and that is why it is so important to hydrate your skin from within. You should try to drink, at the very least, two liters of water a day. This will help replace water you lose through sweating and going to the bathroom. If enough water is not consumed, your skin will dehydrate, speeding up the aging process. Drinking enough water stops the body from dehydrating and essential nutrients can flow freely through your system.

Exercise is a great anti aging tip. A lot of people think exercise will tire them out but it is the reverse. Exercise will give you more energy. It helps the blood flow faster, therefore giving your skin a healthy glow. Getting into the daily routine of gentle exercises will increase your metabolic rate, helping to give you a nice trim figure, help reduce the risk of heart disease, and helps to keep blood pressure lower.

Stress can also play a part in the aging process. Your body will release stress hormones and over time, this will suppress your immune system, speeding up the aging process. A result of this affects the skin cells being able to regenerate properly, making you susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. This is why sometimes people say every face can tell a story. Try to control your stress by inhaling and exhaling slowly to the count of ten.

Although everybody likes to have a sun tan, it is far better to have a fake tan sprayed on properly at a beauty salon. Many people like to sunbathe but the effects on the skin are a high price to pay. Too much sunbathing over the years makes the skin look leathery with deep wrinkles and will eventually result in premature age spots. If you still want to sunbathe, use a high factor sun protection cream.

Green tea may not have been considered a solution but it is actually a great anti aging tip. The tea gives an amazing contribution to your body. Research has found that drinking green tea every day can help protect from different forms of cancer, and help to build resistance against dementia and heart disease. Those who wish to lose weight can also benefit as the tea contributes to your body’s ability to burn fat, helping you with your diet.

Alcohol not only causes huge health problems, it accelerates the aging process and causes thread veins on the face. While being bad for your skin, alcohol has a dehydrating action which again speeds the aging process. For those who like a glass of wine or beer, everything in moderation is far better for your skin.

Moisturizer is best used mornings and evenings after the skin has been cleansed properly, especially evenings if makeup has been worn during the day. Exfoliating twice a week will help keep a younger looking skin, making the skin glow and look fresh. Adapting a good skin care routine will help keep your skin smooth and soft.

Smoking is known to speed up the aging process. So if you smoke, try to stop now, if you can’t try to get help. Smoking accelerates aging by slowly encouraging the destruction of collagen, reducing the levels of this is the reason a smoker’s skin ages faster. You will notice wrinkles on a smoker’s face around the mouth due to drawing on the cigarette and increased wrinkles around the eyes. To slow down the aging process, try to stop smoking.

Antioxidants form part of the group of minerals, vitamins and carotenoids that help repair the damaged skin caused by putting the wrong things into our body. Fresh vegetables and fruit are great for the skin. Vitamin E and vitamin C will help to keep that young looking skin. Also, plenty of omega 3 helps maintain fluidity and structure of cells, helping to moisturize the skin from within.

Daily supplements will boost your antioxidant intake. Try to take ones with the highest levels of minerals and vitamins for all around health and younger looking skin. Have a good look around the pharmacy or health store and don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding the best vitamins for you to help stop the anti aging process.

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