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Cosmetic Surgery – The War Against Time

The demand for cosmetic surgery has gone through the roof in recent years. Nowadays it is possible to have a larger this or a smaller that, just by picking up the phone and booking an appointment with Doctor Fixit.

The agonies both men and women went through, suffering all manner of phobias and insecurities caused by physical defects, are now safely relegated to a century past. Nowadays, surgery is available to remove wrinkles, eliminate eye bags, re-locate nipples, tuck tummies, lift flabby bottoms, enlarge breasts, reduce breasts, and perform hundreds of other imaginative reconstructions to enhance the human form and make it irresistible.

The only deterrent still in place to prevent the general public from gleefully hurling them under the scalpel of the nearest cosmetic surgeon is the cost of such operations. Surgical enhancements are inhibitively expensive and it is oh, so scary to seek economic alternatives, when the result of bargain surgery could be permanent disfigurement.

Those with basic good looks are most likely to chance the knife. After all, if you are the type of person who would be no more attractive after a nose job because your ears stick out, your breasts sag and you have enough facial hair to rival Santa Claus, then why bother?

Mr and Mrs Almost Perfect are prime targets. They find cosmetic surgery almost irresistible because they consider themselves to be almost irresistible in the first place. Just one little nip here, or one tiny tuck there and hey presto, Mr and Mrs Fantasticly Beautiful emerge from the wings. A little way down the road, however, the tuck or nip will have become inadequate to the onslaught of wrinkles and a bigger nip or tuck will be necessary to retard the ravages of time.

Usually, major surgery is necessary to enhancement and after half a dozen, one's face begins to resemble a death mask; tight, expressionless and horribly ghoulish – lips that do not ripple when speaking, eyes that squint from between two immovable slits and taut, over powdered skin without human texture. Yuk. Mr and Mrs Almost Perfect have suddenly turned into Mr and Mrs Completely Revolting. The grandmother of a college of mine has undergone several cosmetic processes and now, although she looks younger than most of her children, I wonder why she wants to?

There is something to be said for the old chestnut 'grow old gracefully.' Baggy eyes, droopy necks and flabby bottoms are only ugly because we as a species have declared them to be so. Growing old is merely the aging process of the human body and mind, surely? That streak of graying hair need not be unsightly, if we decide to find it attractive. Crows feet are, after all, come by through laughter, are they not? We must learn to embrace the aging process instead of constantly battling against the ravages of time.

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