Hemorrhoids Can Be a Real Pain

Hemorrhoids are literally a pain in the rear. They can make sitting almost unbearable until you have found the treatment option that works best for you. Everyone has hemorrhoids but not everyone has blamed ones. They may also be referred to as piles. They can best be explained as veins that are swollen and irritated in the rectal region.

Bright red bleeding in the toilet or on the toilet paper can be quite alarming. This can be symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. Itching and some pain can be the signs of external hemorrhoids. Both types can be aggravating and interfering with your daily life. The cause of hemorrhoids is excessive pressure in the anal area. Reasons for this pressure can be from prolonged sitting, lifting heavy objects, pregnancy or sometimes diarrhea. The most painful piles are thrombosed which means they have a blood clot.

Preventing hemorrhoids is the best course of action. Taking breaks if you have to sit for long periods of time can be helpful. Wiping with a soft cloth that has been moistened with water or witch hazel will prevent scratching and irritation of the rectum. Constipation needs to be avoided because the training can increase pressure and produce piles. Adding fresh fruit, bran or whole grains and leafy vegetables to your diet can help soften the stool and decrease the chances of constipation. Drinking several glasses of water each day is also helpful. Fiber added to the diet is beneficial to some. Walking several times a week will also help in the prevention of the troublesome piles.

People who are already suffering from hemorrhoids should decide on a treatment that is best for them. Sitz bath, which is simply soaking in warm bath water several times a day, is an inexpensive treatment. There are many creams and suppositories over the counter that are available. Some contain zinc oxide which seems to be the answer for some people. Ice packs can often treat the pain also.

Severe cases sometimes need more intensive treatment. Some of the options are rubber band ligation (placing a band around the swollen area until it shrinks), laser (burning the tissue around the hemorrhoid) or surgery to remove the inflamed vein.

Duration of hemorrhoids can be reliably short if treatment is started quickly and you alleviate the cause. Some people suffer for longer periods of time to get their piles under control. Either way a treatment course is necessary to help relieve the pain from these hemorrhoids.

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