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How to Use Self Discipline and Stay on a Diet

A. Make an absolute commitment and you do not have to commit again. You have made up your mind and you will not waiver. You will have plenty of times of temptation at first, but you will not waiver. Other people have had the same temptation and decided to overcome and stay with their diet goal. You can do this.

B. Pray for help. Dieting is challenging and sometimes very difficult. It is good to summons the help you need from a higher source. God knows who we are and He will certainly help if we are trying earnestly. You can do this.

C. I have heard a lot of people say, they have tried “this or that” diet and they don’t lose weight. It is elementary educated information that if food does not go in the mouth, there will be weight loss. If we cut way down on calories, we will lose weight. We have heard stories of people who are held captive and have very little food and they do lose weight. You can do this and lose weight if you do not eat as much as you have been eating. You can do this.

Recognize that the physical size of the amount of food may have little to do with the calories that may be in them, keeping you from losing weight. A small piece of pecan pie may have 800 calories, but you can eat a “truck load” of plain green beans for the same amount of calories!

D. When you are tempted to eat something that is not on your diet, think of all the times you have eaten calorie – filled desserts and whatever food you enjoy, and tell yourself you’ve enjoyed all that in the past, but now is the time for denial. You can do this.

E. Realize this strict diet doesn’t go on forever. It won’t take you forever to lose the weight you want, if you stick to it. You will have to change your main habits, but you will not have to sacrifice at the level you are sacrificing while being strictly on your diet. You can do this.

F. Notice when you use food for consoling yourself. Refuse to succumb to it. I know exactly what you are going through, but food is not the answer. Try thinking of a different approach (go for a walk). If a certain person has upset you, then all the more reason why you need to lose weight and get control of all facets of your life. You can do this.

G. Commit only to yourself you are going on a diet. This is probably different advice than you hear from other people. You don’t need to report to anybody. This approach accentuates the fact that you are in control of your body and mind and report to no one else about your diet. Additionally, this is a part of the approach that you believe in yourself and your commitment to stay on your diet. You do not need feedback from other people, you are on this diet because you are doing it for yourself and you are disciplined and can do this!

H. Tell yourself, even 24 hours after you begin if you are tempted, you have come too far and you will not turn back. You are moving ahead and you are strong and you will not accept failure. It is your mindset. You know you can do this.

I. Know that there are so many foods out there with high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar that make you hungrier. Snack foods have additives that make you want to eat more and more. Don’t succumb and be the “sucker” that these companies are hoping you will be, so they can make more money. You can do this.

J. Think of all the health problems you may be avoiding if you maintain a healthy weight. You may avoid diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hip and knee replacements. It just goes on and on. The medical field loves overweight people because they make lots of money off of them. It is amazing how many doctors just keep writing the prescriptions and arranging for procedures when there is no mention for one to change their diet and level of exercise. They just keep writing prescriptions for a lot of health issues that could be avoided by watching your diet and losing weight. A lot of people would be way ahead by just cutting sodas out of their diet. One small adjustment at a time makes a big difference.

Our renewed health should be our number one motivator. When I went to the doctor before I started on my diet, the numbers from the blood work were not favorable. I knew I had really “let myself go.” The doctor said nothing about weight gain causing this or any suggestion to get more exercise or change my diet. The only thing she wanted to do was write prescriptions. Because I realized these numbers were just over borderline (others may need medication at that time), I told her I would stay in touch because I knew when I left her office, I was going to change things and try not to lean on prescriptions if I didn’t need to.

For me, it totally worked. My blood pressure came down to the level it was when I was 20 and my other blood numbers adjusted themselves to within bounds. It was a great feeling to know I had done my part to help myself. I realize others may have health problems they need medical help with, but it gives one great peace to know you are helping yourself in all ways, as much as possible. You can do this too.

K. Realize that a little bit of the wrong food can add many calories to your diet. A lot of people don’t realize that tablespoon of catsup may add 50 calories, or that delicious, nutritious salad can be undermined with a high calorie salad dressing. Write down what you eat and the number of calories. It will be easier to skip the condiments. You can do this.

L. Don’t make this a time where you are cooking and baking all the foods that are a temptation to you. Although after a week, I started to see results and was motivated to turn down even a slice of birthday cake I baked, there is no reason to needlessly “torture” yourself. Save the cooking and baking for later. You can do this.

M. Know you can do it without expensive diet plans. Again, if the food is not going in the mouth, weight will be lost. There are many prepared, expensive foods that are called “diet plan” foods and have more calories than just staying with un-embellished, basic foods and cutting down on your serving size. A vegetable serving size is usually 1/3 of one cup and a serving of meat is usually 3 – 4 ounces, at the most! Americans have lost track of what a normal serving should be causing most to gain unnecessary weight. You can do this.

N. Realize with eating the right foods, your body can do with so much less than what Americans are used to eating each day. Some hours you may feel like you are going to starve to death, but think about the good food you have already eaten today and assure yourself you have enough food for your health and appetite. You can do this.

O. Educate yourself. I went home and read about the causes of high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and triglycerides, etc. Spend time reading labels in the grocery store on a day it is not busy and you won’t be hurried. There are so many foods that people think are “diet” food that add tons of calories and fat to their diet and sell at a high price. The numbers on the labels will tell most of the truth. You can do this.

P. Do not engage in a physical exercise program while you are staying strictly on your diet. I walked consistently, but not strenuous, far distances. Your body is trying to adjust at this time and you do not need to add one more thing in the equation for it to adjust to. I recommend you start exercising after you have lost the weight you desire. You can do this.

Q. Hang an outfit in view in your closet that you want to be able to wear or listen to music that brings favorable thoughts of when you were young and thinner. When you are tempted to eat something that is not on your diet, go to these sources for motivation. You can do this.

R. Rejoice in your accomplishment. As you see the results, there will be no turning back. You will never want to look like you did before. You will love your new self, the way you feel, and your new image. It is so much fun to go clothes shopping after you have obtained your goal! You can do this.

If I can do this, most anyone can go on a diet and stay on a diet until their goal is met. Look at yourself in a new light and continue with a philosophy of eating only what you need to eat and what will sustain your good health. Most of the high calorie foods offer virtually no nutrition and only add problems. Remember your health benefits, your self esteem benefits, the probable years you are adding to your life, and the quality you are adding to your life. There is an old saying that says, “your enemies tell you what you want to hear and your friends tell you what you need to know. ” Remember these philosophies and stay with it. Good Luck with your important decision to go on a diet and stay on a diet!

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