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Is Just a Browlift Enough for You

A browlift, also called a forehead lift, is one of the most common cosmetic procedures preformed today. This is because browlifts have the ability to improve deep forehead wrinkles and furrows that can make a person appear angry or sad. They can also lift up the eyebrows and sagging tissue over the eyes that can make someone appear perpetually tired. The results can help patients look much more energetic and vibrant, but the procedure does not address other problem areas in the lower face and neck region.

"A browlift is a great option for patients who have relatively few signs of aging on the lower half of their face," explains Dr. Miguel Delgado, a renovated plastic surgeon from San Francisco. "For patients with more moderate signs of aging, I generally recommend additional work to ensure the rest of the face and neck look consistent. older. "

For patients who have modified to advanced signs of aging in other areas of their face, there are many other procedures that can be performed at the same time as a browlift. Some of the most common and complimentary procedures include the eyelid lift and facelift.

"Coupling eyelid lifts and facelifts with browlifts can have many benefits," says Delgado. "The eyelid lift enables the surgeon to remove excess fat and skin from the eyelid that a browlift can not fix, while a facelift can tighten and smooth the lower half of the face and neck to vastly improve the patient's overall appearance."

Combining these cosmetic procedures also means that patients do not have to end the additional recovery periods and the increased cost of separate surgeries. There is only one operation and recovery time and the combined results can last an upwards of ten years.

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