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Is Your Face a Couch Potato

The latest workout craze is Facial Fitness, according to Beth Teitell, Boston Herald newspaper writer and NPR commentator. "Your butt, it turns out, does not have the only toes that need exercise", she writes when interviewing Cynthia Rowland, facial fitness coach. Cynthia explains, "There are 55 muscles in your face and neck and they are atrophy from disuse.

Finally, fitness mania is now complete with the acceptance of facial exercise as a bone fide alternative to facial plastic surgery that helps every person over the age of 25 look years younger. It's about time, after all, for the face to be included in every exercise routine because the face has muscles just like the rest of the body.

Watch out, plastic surgeons! Cynthia Rowland is on a mission to make sure every man and woman over knows their face can be saved with resistance exercises that will lift tone and tighten every area of ​​the face.

We see aging in our faces when nasal labial folds develop between our nose and mouth or maybe it's a double chin that tells the world you're aging. Each area of ​​the face can blatantly shout that Mother Nature is having her way with your good looks as sagging and droopiness has become noticeable in our faces. Imagine soft, flabby facial muscles becoming strong again as pouches, forehead lines and double chins are targeted and strengthened. When you tone and firm the facial muscles, the youthful contours of your face return so you look younger, healthier and fresher.

The facial muscles are structurally different than say the muscles in our arms and legs; those muscles are long and thick plus they're connected to bone on both ends. Muscles in the face connect to bone on one end so when exercising your face, you will need to create an artificial anchor, using your thumbs and fingers to achieve resistance. This slow and steady resistance will allow an isometric contraction to develop in the facial muscles so they lift, reshape and contour.

Resistance and isometric training are essential components to lift and tone the face with facial exercise. Not all facial exercise programs offer this type of specialized facial contouring; remember if there is no resistance, the movement is considered a contortion. These movements help your face to regain youthfulness and vitality so you appear healthier, less stressed and younger. These specialized techniques are easy to learn and once you learn them, the technology is yours forever.

There are three reasonably choices when you see your in face:

1. Do nothing and let the forces of nature continue unabated.

2. Spend your children's inheritance on expensive, painful and risky surgical procedures every few years that may or may not produce the desired effect.

3. Reclaim your natural youthful beauty with a proven facial exercise program!

If you answered yes to the question, "Is Your Face a Couch Potato" the solution is at your fingertips! Using just your thumbs, fingers and your white exercise gloves, your face will look like it did 10-15 years ago.

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