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My Experience in the World of Parenting

Through my pre-marital life, I used to hear two notions a lot from my parents. One, it is not easy to be a parent and it is wonderful to be a parent. I always used to wonder, why exactly they quote an absolutely contradictory statement for parenting.

Now being a parent, I can easily comprehend the meaning of these statements. Now I know why my parents used to stop me from doing thoughtless things, which made sense at that time and I always argued with them to the extent that it made them angry.

Now I know how much my parents went through to provide me the best of the education and facilities. How much comfort they have sacrificed to provide us the better life. Indeed, parenting is not an easy thing.

On the other hand, the happiness which came to our life at the birth of the baby, or even before the birth, is infinite. Our life became centered around our baby. Our efforts are to do the best for our children. We make countless sacrifices for them till our last breath.

The personal life of a couple is affected. Our time is for our children. Everything becomes for "our baby" now. Our priorities change. A child demands individual & undivided attention from his parents. For this purpose, sometimes emotional bond between a couple begins to fade.

Now I understand why my parents never buy anything they like. They make excuses when they do not want to buy certain thing and tell us they will buy that specific thing even better from somewhere else. As a parent, we have to give up all our choices of our likes. Parents sacrifice their future for a better future of their kids. They start living out of their comfort zone.

Social life vanishes from the life of a parent until the kid becomes independent. Most mothers quit their career to better raise their kids. Their desires from the favorite food to favorite place & wardrobe of their liking deviates.

Despite all these facts, parenting is the most beautiful thing for many. A few of us consider this a challenge because we want our children to become productive, successful, god fearing, disciplined & a good human being. For a parent their children always come first. Their success as a family is a success of a society.

Due to these purposes if a child misbehaves or does something negative, it not only affects emotionally to some parents but they also lose precious relationship between them for a lifetime. Their love for children is absolute. A parent never retires. In later ages parents also need love & care from their children. If their children are not available for them just imagine the disturbance they will suffer. If they get back pure love & care from their children in old age that would be enough for them to be proud of their nurturing.

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