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Rules of Attraction – 10 Signs She’s Sexually Attracted to You

Dating is a game and to play it well, you need to master the rules of attraction. How to tell if she’s attracted to you, too? Here are 10 signs that tell you she thinks you’re hot.

1. She laughs at your jokes, giggles at your compliments and is mostly smiling throughout your conversation. If she’s happy to be around you, it will show on her face. This is definitely an encouraging sign that she finds you physically attractive.

2. She makes an effort to know about the things you like. She may not care much about basketball, but if you’re into them, she makes an effort to learn about your favorite team. So if she’s learning to enjoy the things that you like, it shows that she’s willing to include those activities — and you — in her life.

3. She finds opportunities to touch you or let you touch her. If she likes you, she will let you know she’s open to your advances. She’ll let you stand close to her and she’ll let you touch the small of her back to guide her to where you’re going. She’ll graze you arm or your knee from time to time or find excuses to touch your face. These subtle opportunities for physical contact are obvious signs she finds you sexually attractive and is ready for more physical contact.

4. She shows positive body language. Our bodies react subconsciously when we are close to someone to whom we are sexually attracted to. If she touches her neck or tilts her head or plays with her hair when you’re around her, then that means she subconsciously thinks you’re a potential mate.

5. She makes plans so you can spend more time alone. If she thinks you’re hot, she’ll want to spend more time with you. If you’re not dating yet, she’ll find ways for the two of you to break off from your group of friends. Don’t be surprised if you started your evening with a bunch of friends and ended the night with just the two of you. This is her way of letting you know she’s ready to spend more time alone with you.

6. She shows an interest in getting to know your friends and your work. If you’re hitting it off well, she’ll want to find more areas to make a connection with you. This is a healthy sign that she finds you sexually attractive.

7. She becomes annoyed when you talk to another girl. You’re not yet dating exclusively, however she already shows signs of distress whenever you approach another girl. Your attention and esteem are important to her so she feels threatened when another girl holds your attention. Does she suddenly give you the cold shoulder when you talk to another pretty girl? The laws of attraction confirm it – she definitely thinks you’re hot.

8. She references you in her conversations with other people. If she likes you, she can’t help but hang on to every word you say. So if her friends complain that she’s sounding more and more like your PR agent, rejoice. She’s into you, no doubt about it.

9. She leaves you sexy notes to find in unexpected places. It could be a message on your phone, or an email, a post it note inside your book or your bag. She wants you to know that she thinks of you and want you to think of her as well.

10. She glances up once in a while and looks around to check and see where you are. Women generally like catching the eye and keeping the attention of the man she finds sexually attractive. If she looks for you when you’re out of sight, that’s a sure sign she digs you.

Recognize any of these signs? Pay attention to the laws of attraction and make your next move.

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