Should You go Gray Naturally or Dye Your Hair as You Age?

Many older women often worry about whether to dye their hair or not. But it should not be any kind of issue. Dying one's hair is like any fashion statement: we go with what makes us comfortable. We do not have any angst about dyeing our hair in different shades when we are youngger. We do it even without thinking to experiment, to be in vogue, or to keep a certain shade fresh and attractive. Getting older should be no different in that regard.

I love my age and am actually enjoying getting older. I do not have any wish to be back in my younger days, neither do I envy others the age they might be. My hair has been graying only at the front, just above my forehead, now else. I find that pretty annoying, as I would like it to be either all gray or all black. So, clearly as a matter of choice, I dye my hair for consistency. When it is all gray, I will probably keep it that way.

I think the way we look is highly related to the way we feel about ourselves, the mood we are in or the desire to experiment. When it comes to new clothes or a new hairstyle, we should not get into fossilized, unmoving ways of restricting our choices. We should do whatever feels natural, comfortable and beautiful. the esence of being is to live who we wish tobe. Life is too short to be rigid sticking to anything to prove a point, to conform to expectations or to please anyone else. Live it, I say, to the max, and if dyeing your hair is part of that objective, just go for it and wear it with pride!

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