Sunscreens – Stop Aging Skin With Sunscreens – 1

Sunscreens are one of the best defenses against sun damage. These agents either neutralize the UV radiation or reflect it. Most of the cosmetics now contain added sunscreen agents but plain sunscreen formulas still remain the safest for use. Find out more about SPF factor, what are sunscreens, how to use them, side effects.

Let us begin with what sunscreens are-

Sunscreen Types-

Sunscreen is a general term. A sunscreen simply means any product, which saves us from UV radiation, if we apply it on our body. While many people often combine the terminology of sunscreen and sun block, there really is a technical difference between the two. A true sunscreen is a chemical agent that denatures the light, making the wavelengths incapable of causing damage. Sun blocks act as a physical wall to prevent sunlight from reaching the skin.

Chemical Screens

These are aromatic compounds, which absorb photons of light energy and transform high energy UV radiation into harmless long wave radiation. This avoids or minimizes sun damage. Commonly used chemical sunscreens are PABA (Para Amino Benzoic Acid), Anthranilates, Benzophenones, Camphor derivatives, Cinnamates, Dibenzoylmethanes and Salicylates.

Chemical Sunscreens

Physical Blocks-

These blocks reflect and scatter the sunlight and decrease the dermal penetration of UV rays. Examples are-. Titanium dioxide, Magnesium oxide, Zinc oxide, Red petrolatum, Kaolin, etc.

Physical Sunscreens


Many sunscreen products contain a mixture of these chemical and physical properties. If you have contact dermatitis, allergies, eczema or sensitive skin, you should prefer to use the true physical blockers.

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